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15th December 2015

U2 2 & The Edge's cousin 'Ciara' organise a sell-out special Mencap charity event in London at the Borderline venue.

Ciara Lawrence (The Edge's of U2's cousin) known for her charity work with Mencap co-ordinates a fund raising event with U2 2 in the Soho area of London at the famous Borderline venue. Ciara is invited to the stage during the performance of 'I still haven't found what I am looking for' and unbeknown to the band kicks off her her amazing operatic voice and almost steals the show. The charity (Mencap) is a national organisation supported by many famous and influential people, coming together to support the family's of people blessed with having a child with special needs. U2 2 raise over £2000 on the evening and agree to a second show in late 2016 at the larger Venue in Highbury The Garage.


29 August 2018

'ACHTUNG' Ya'all

Full Album played

U2 2 take to the road performing all the songs from the acclaimed album; Achtung Baby. No band has ever tried to do this before including U2 whom only show cased a handful of songs, mainly hits on their ZooTV Tour. The band added, "We are really excited to perform the whole album and try out tracks U2 didn't attempt to play very often if a tall. Tracks like Acrobat, So Cruel and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wide Hourses. Bags (vocals) has returned for this reunion as the original 'Achtung Baby' singer on lead vocals it really will be a blast from the past"

In Aug 18, The band opened up the Bournemouth Airshow playing on the beach to over 20,000 people. Opening their set with Zoo Station and announcing the series of shows would follow shortly. the towns will include: Birmingham, Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Leeds, Southampton, South Yorkshire, St Helens, Wolverhampton, York, Greater Manchester. and hope to continue these shows into 2019.



10th March 2017

U2 2 Kick off their Joshua Tree tour In Dubai.

The Bands' decision to embark on a 30th Anniversary of the Joshua Tree album is greatly received and offers from venues all around the world come flooding in. The Band decide to play the album in full even including playing the track; Red Hill Mining Town a song not even U2 had attempted to play live up to this point.

The unorthodox start of this tour sees them travelling to Dubai to play a chain of hotels, the band are unable to fly out their usual U2 back line of equipment, so attempt to play using the little gear available in the middle east. U2 fans flood out in the drones to view this spectacular, the local press are blown away. The band return to the UK in April to start the UK leg of the tour covering seven venues and then extending this at the request of their fan base. Then Lock down hit.......


We would love to re-tour these songs.

28th July 2012

2 X Olympic Games success for U2 2.

The Irish Olympic House responsible for entertaining the Irish Olympic team members during the 2012 Olympic games will only settle for the best U2 tribute Band. The band are delighted to be invited to play both the pinnacle Saturday nights in the temporary London HQ. The band take full advantage of visiting the grand Olympic park and Stadium and witness the GB medal success one after the next. Both the shows are a landmark event for the band launching them into the Irish hearts again, and seeing the band be invited back the Ireland for several after Olympic events.

1st May 2012

U2 release their live album from 360 entitled U22.

  The much anticipated live album, recorded whilst on their 360 tour in 2009, was released in May of 2012 and entitled, 'U22'. Serendipity or a nod to their number one tribute band? Either way, U2 2 are delighted that their name has been elevated to an even higher platform. U2 2 are interviewed by both BBC1 and ITV1 on the same day, stating - 'U2 fans always comment on our recreation of U2's sounds. In the Meadowhall centre in Sheffield on the day of the Sheffield Don Valley stadium show, people thought the band were miming, while the majority thought they were the real thing (we can assure you it was live)

U2 2 added "well, none of the music is mimed especially Edge's roles, although like U2 we do make the odd mistake!"

7th April 2008

U2 2 are invited by U2 360 tour sponsor Blackberry to promote the new phone.

Blackberry the global phone company and sponsors of the 360 tour, invite U2 2 to replace the real thing (whom are busy rehearsing for the tour)

U2 2 were flown in from Ireland after an extensive tour schedule and whisked to a secret location by Blackberry. The band are shown a top secret behind the scenes view of the 360 tour and help launch the release of their new Smart phone appearing in their adverts and media.

20th Aug 2009

U2 360 Tour in Sheffield. U2 2 perform to 20,000 ticket holders at local shopping mall. 

As U2 arrive in Sheffield for their sell out 360 Tour at the Don Valley Stadium.

The enormous Meadowhall Shopping centre in Sheffield - arranges for U2 2 to play throughout the day knowing they will pull in a large crowd and attain valuable business for there surrounding amenities. they even go to the extreme of building a 360 stage like area located in the Oasis entertainment area, and gives use of the massive LED TV screen to play visuals effects. The crowd in the afternoon reach a staggering 20,000 U2 fans. The shopping centre management invite the BBC and ITV news for a morning visit whilst all is quite and the band agree to perform a song and answer questions.

The band perform 4 sets throughout the day seeing screaming fans arrive in their drones. BBC and ITV broadcast the interviews of U2 2 both on the radio and TV, running stories throughout the rest of the evening. The shopping centre reports footfall was through the roof seeing a 25% increase that day. After the band's performance fans queue up to have their pictures taken and autographs signed. U2 2 then arrive at the Don Valley Stadium for VIP meal, gift showering,  and a birds eye view of the concert courtesy of Live Nation - the U2 360 tour majority sponsor.


'The Star newspaper' reports:

U2 tribute band brought in Magnificent crowds U2’s tribute band, aptly named U2-2, brought in the crowds to Meadowhall Shopping Centre yesterday, in the build up to the legendary band’s sell-out gig at Don Valley Stadium: the penultimate night of the European 360 degree tour.


Fans flocked to Meadowhall to hear the tribute band, billed on the recent Blackberry 360 nationwide tour. The tribute band, headed by local lads Frank and Luke wowed the crowd with U2’s international acclaimed hits including Beautiful Day; I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and With or Without You.


Kate Allatt, Business Development Manager at Out of Town Leisure Group Ltd , which owns The Lounge Restaurant, Mamma, Amalfi & The French Café restaurants in the Shopping centre commented: “We served 25% more customers yesterday as U2 pre-concert goers and fans visited Meadowhall to enjoy a bite to eat, while enjoying the music and listening to the next best thing! restaurant favourites including Zizzi, Pizza Express and Mamma Amalfi offered prime seats for watching U2-2, and it was great to be part of the action.”


Richard Pinfold, Head of Marketing at Meadowhall, said: “U2 was a hit at Meadowhall! We were delighted to welcome U2 fans from across the globe to the Centre. The global rock stars’ tribute band, U2-2, ensured shoppers enjoyed the ultimate U2 retail day ahead of the concert at Don Valley last night. ......READ MORE


7th July 1997

Pop-merchants U2 meet U2 2 (aka Achtung Baby)

After a sell-out tour of Portugal, the band are invited over to Holland for three special shows. Arriving at the airport, the lads meet U2 autograph hunters and are taken to their hotel in a stretch limousine. That night's show would be at a record store, where the lads would play just a handful of numbers. The press show up and the band are in the next day's papers.


The rest of the night sees the band being treated to free food and drink, all courtesy of a millionaire U2 fan. The following day sees the lads arriving at Feyenoord Stadium. U2 will be playing the following night for their first European show of the POPMART tour. During their first day at the stadium, the lads check out U2's crew and see how the giant stage is being put together. Dallas Shoo greets the band and checks all of Edge's guitar sounds. Some U2 fans manage to sneak into the stadium, rushing towards the tribute band for autographs. The band see Bono, The Edge and Gavin Friday in the foyer. They also pose on the bonnet of the Trabant used on the cover of, 'Achtung Baby'. Later in the evening, to a closed stadium, U2 come out to sound check and to perform 'One'. That rendition is being broadcast live to Britain for that night's 'Top of The Pops'. The lads chuckle when folk back home ask, 'Did you see Top of The Pops' while you were away? U2 were on'.


The next day, U2's tribute band turned up in their very own POPMART tour bus. Dutch security get the band mixed up and lead them into U2's own backstage changing area. While setting up their equipment, they are bombarded with U2 fans seeking autographs. They even sign the chef's tunic, like a scene straight out of 'Outside it's America'. Later in the day, they perform to a few thousand people, whilst overlooking U2's giant stage set; a surreal afternoon indeed. That night, they are treated to free VIP tickets to U2's first show. Once again, the lads are driven from the show by Limousine, to party all night.


The following evening sees the band performing for the Dutch U2 fan club also in Rotterdam. The 'Night-town' is the venue and the show is recorded for Dutch TV. The lads play a set straight out of Rattle & Hum and afterwards, pose for pictures with hundreds of U2 fans. An excellent time for the band in beautiful Holland.




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