Bags is an original member of 'Achtung Baby' the now named; U2 2. Bags has returned to his calling after standing in for many other front man on the tribute scene.


My first influence in music was my father.


He was a singer in the sixties and seventies. As a snotty-nosed kid, I'd sit in the wings and watch my father sing, as it looked like a good job to do.

My early band influences were bands like The Jam and Madness, along with Simple Minds and of course, U2.


I auditioned for 'Stars in their eyes' in 1995 and I got the call to say I was on the show. I won my place on the live final which was a little daunting, considering the only place


I'd sung before was in the bath lol. After the final, I joined 'Achtung Baby' and played the tribute circuit for twenty years, touring The U.K. Europe and the Middle East.


One of my best memories was in 2001, when we were selected from hundreds of tribute bands, to compete for the title of, 'Britain's best tribute band'. This was for The BBC special,


'Battle of the fantasy bands'. We performed 'Pride' with the shows hosts, being Terry Wogan and Ulrika Johnson.


We won the title of, 'Best sound-a-like tribute band in the country'..... which was nice.


Another great memory was working with Pulp's front man, Jarvis Cocker in 2003, when he asked me to perform on the Pulp single, “Bad cover version”, which is still available.


The highlights of my career so far have to be supporting Echo and The Bunnymen" in London and "Go West" in Bognor.


I'm very privileged to have worked with and met so many different people from different cultures and walks of life. I'm looking forward to meeting a few more before I hang up my mic.


Hope to see you at a show soon!!


"Rock and Roll doggy!!"


Gear used:

The infamous straight mic stand with a sure sm58 wireless mic.

Of course I have all his sunglasses used on every tour and photoshoot U2 have done, my favourite being the limited edition Popmarts in Orange.

I feel like a sunglasses rep turning up to gigs these days!

Finding the Bono's designer clothes are the thing that causes me the most grief spending hours contacting the right people in U2 land.



U2-2 Tono image from 2014

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U2-2 Tono image from 2014
U2-2 Tono image from 2014
U2-2 Tono image from 2014
U2-2 Tono image from 2014
U2-2 Tono image from 2014
U2-2 Tono image from 2014